BBC: Detroit – The branding of a bankrupt city

Detroit’s history of industrial decline and financial failure has culminated in bankruptcy. So why have some companies been using the city’s name to sell their products? ….


Atlantic — Don’t Let Bankruptcy Fool You: Detroit is Not Dead

…. The media, internet, and social media exploded with predictable stories of the city’s imminent demise. There’s the shrinking population, which dwindled from a peak of nearly 2 million to700,000 in 2012. Over and over again, we heard the the long list of other woes – mass joblessness, the sky-high murder ratestreet lights that don’t work, unthinkably long waits for police and emergency services, huge numbers of vacant buildings, and neighborhoods that are all but abandoned.  …

Atlantic Story about Detroit

Technology and Growth in Downtown Detroit

In 2005 WoodWing opened an office in downtown Detroit to service and support our channel partners and North American customers. In the early days people were scratching their heads, why Detroit? Since then Detroit has grown up around us with a variety of technology companies calling downtown Detroit their home. The revitalization of Downtown Detroit is breathtaking. Consider these recent headlines:

Freep: Demand up for downtown Detroit office space
NY Times: A Missionary’s Quest to Remake Motor City
Freep: Google Tech Hub Network makes Detroit one of 7 hotspots
Freep: Schostak Bros. plans $111M, 16-story office building in downtown Detroit